The Feltex Collective | Briar Stanley

Briar Stanley is a Sydney based interior stylist and decorator. We had a chat with her about her latest renovation project: her own home.

Clean Up This Spring | Feltex Carpets

The promotion has now ended, thank you to everyone who claimed

2017 Interior Styles | Feltex Carpets

Five contemporary design trends for 2017 - Naturalist, Desert Explorer, Faded, Raw & Refined and Daydream.

Feltex Carpets | Bedroom Styling

Your bedroom is a haven from the everyday, a sanctuary where the only style than matters is your own.

Feltex Classic | Introducing Salisbury 100% Wool Carpet

Feltex Classic is excited to reveal our brand new quality wool chunky loop pile, Salisbury.

Feltex Classic Carpets | Three Birds Renovations | House 6

Three Birds Renovations wrap-up their 6th house: Lana's forever home. Take a sneak peak inside...

Feltex Carpets | Three Birds Renovations | Kids Room Renovations

Three Birds Renovations tackle the kids rooms in Lana's Forever Home in the latest episode.

Feltex Carpets | Stonefield Wool Carpet | Three Birds Renovations

Three Birds Renovations take us into house 6: Lana's forever home.

Feltex Classic News | Natural Quarry Wool Carpet

At Feltex Classic we are delighted to introduce our latest beautifully textured wool carpet, Natural Quarry.

Redbook green winner announced

Congratulations to James, the winner of our Redbook green® competition.