The Feltex Collective | Briar Stanley

Briar Stanley is a Sydney based interior stylist and decorator. We had a chat with her about her latest renovation project: her own home.

Clean Up This Spring | Feltex Carpets

The promotion has now ended, thank you to everyone who claimed

2017 Interior Styles | Feltex Carpets

Five contemporary design trends for 2017 - Naturalist, Desert Explorer, Faded, Raw & Refined and Daydream.

Feltex Carpets | Bedroom Styling

Your bedroom is a haven from the everyday, a sanctuary where the only style than matters is your own.

Redbook green Carpet | Introducing Verde

What could be ‘greener’ than beginning life in a corn field?

Feltex Carpet | Wool Bamboo Carpet Blend | Jade Palace

Introducing Jade Palace - a Wool Bamboo Fibre Blend Carpet and the newest addition to our Feltex Classic range.

Feltex Classic | Introducing Salisbury 100% Wool Carpet

Feltex Classic is excited to reveal our brand new 100% quality wool chunky loop pile, Salisbury.

Feltex Classic Carpets | Three Birds Renovations | House 6

Three Birds Renovations wrap-up their 6th house: Lana's forever home. Take a sneak peak inside...

Feltex Carpets | Wool Week 2017

Feltex Classic are proud of our association with the Woolmark Company - Wool Week 2017 runs from 13th - 21st May.

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Three Birds Renovations tackle the kids rooms in Lana's Forever Home in the latest episode.