Elysian - the answer to a blissfully comfortable home interior, with our newest pure wool carpet.

Super soft and outstandingly resilient, Hemisphereis leading the way in contemporary floor styling.

This uplifting design trend is a perennial favourite. Bold and Bright imbues interiors with a sense of play.

A wellbeing trend with echoes around environmental concerns, Shades of Nature seeks to connect us more closely with earthy, outdoor elements

Displaying all the plush comforts and refinements of boutique accommodation, Hotel Luxe brings old-school glamour to contemporary design.

A style of interior design focused on balance and proportion, the sophisticated aesthetic of Classic Reverence is rooted in simplicity and symmetry.

A modern revival of homey design elements from the not-so-distant past, Nostalgic Revival evokes comfort and tradition..

Conjuring a feeling of light-hearted optimism and energy, Warm Glow invites comfort and happiness into the home.

A mix of old and new, rustic and luxe, bold and subdued - the freewheeling style of New Eclectic allows for individual design inspiration.

Practicing the less is more mantra, New Minimalism celebrates the bare-bones beauty of quiet restraint.