Reducing Water Usage

Reduced Water Consumption
We Believe In Better® in everything we do, everyday. Join us on our sustainability journey to introduce new initiatives to reduce our environmental footprint, improve the energy and water consumption of our manufacturing processes and continue to improve our energy efficiency company wide.

Dye Washing
With the introduction of a new dye washing line which has dramatically reduced our energy consumption and water consumption within this process which will save 500 Litres per minute of water during a production run. This new initiative is just one of the ways that we are becoming more sustainable for our planet and reducing our environmental footprint.

Latex Application
Latex application during our manufacturing process utilises water to adhere a secondary backing to the carpet. We have recently introduced a new initiative that recycles the water utilised in our latex application process which is done weekly in large batches. This new initiative has resulted in significant water consumption savings with 600L less water being used every 14-tonne latex batch.

Authored date: 17/04/2023