Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2024 x Feltex

The Festival

Feltex, alongside GH Commercial, is thrilled to announce our continuing support as festival partners with the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Our partnership involves us supplying a range of standard and custom carpets throughout selected festival venues. With a commitment to irreverence, innovation, inclusivity, and free expression, the Melbourne International Comedy Festival is dedicated to discovering and showcasing exceptional talent to entertain and inspire a diverse audience in Australia's comedy capital. 

As local manufacturers, we value supporting community events like this, allowing us to engage with our local community. We have a passion for creativity, fun and inclusion here at Feltex, so our decision to partner with the Melbourne International Comedy Festival provides the perfect opportunity to align our values and celebrate performance and creativity.

The Highlighted Product

For the festival's diverse venues and unique visions, the Melbourne International Comedy Festival sought bespoke carpet designs. Designer Jet® emerged as the perfect flooring solution, facilitating collaboration between the festival team and GH Commercial's design experts. Together, we crafted a series of distinctive, branded designs tailored to each venue's specific requirements.

Bree Leech designed Feltex Lounge Space

Festival has added an extra layer of excitement to the country's biggest comedy festival. Located at Trades Hall in the heart of Melbourne, this ever-so-creative retreat serves as a perfect prelude to the laughter and joy that the festival promises.

As guests mingle and interact within the lounge, they find themselves surrounded by Leech's signature style—bold colours, eclectic furnishings, and an unapologetic sense of playfulness expressed through our designer carpet brand, Feltex. The space becomes a reflection of the festival itself—a celebration of individuality, creativity, and the joy of laughter. 

For those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the festival, the lounge offers a welcome retreat. Plush seating and cozy nooks provide the perfect spot to unwind with a drink in hand, while the vibrant decor serves as a feast for the eyes. 

We spoke to Bree to discuss the process that created such an amazing lounge space. 

For Bree, Feltex’s maximalist theme is all about pushing the boundaries of colour, texture and pattern - bringing together unexpected combinations and surprises through the overall design concept and details.

In the vibrant tapestry of the Feltex lounge space, there's a seamless integration of artistry and collaboration, embodied through the work of the talented artist, Renee Melia. Renowned for her captivating prints and bold aesthetic, Melia's contribution adds an extra layer of depth and intrigue to Bree’s eclectic design. 

“I was so fortunate to find Renee’s work as it nailed my idea around creating characters in the space. Her portrait-style illustrations present quirky and fun characters in a bold style. Her artwork not only showcased fantastic colour palettes but also inspired me to adjust and curate the palette I was working with.”

Bree understands that carpet and flooring is a critical component in the overall design, much the same way walls define a space.

“It’s the canvas upon which all other design elements come to life, making it an ideal starting point. For this project, we aimed for a playful and vibrant flooring choice to establish the desired mood.”

Lorena Gaxiola x Feltex & MICF

Lorena Gaxiola + Gallies have yet again partnered with the Feltex design team to bring another entirely new concept of floor coverings and fashion-inspired carpet designs to life, this time launching at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. 

Drawing inspiration from Lorena’s personal lucky number 8, this designer Feltex collection transforms ordinary carpets into playful works of art, bringing a sense of optimism and infusing a sense of good fortune. The Fortuna collection symbolises a celebration of design in a perfect way to start the year with positive energy and creativity. You can find this eye-catching carpet in the design-led Feltex lounge space at the MICF.

Authored date: 21/03/2024