Custom Luxurious Wool Rugs With @thefrenchfolk

Feltex Carpets is excited to collaborate with renowned social media influencer Margaux Follis, widely known as @thefrenchfolk. The result? A breathtaking designer wool rug crafted from our luxurious Opulent Weave, seamlessly fusing Feltex's rich heritage in carpet manufacturing with Margaux's discerning sense of style.
Margaux Follis, whose Instagram account boasts over 100k followers, expressed her excitement about the collaboration, stating;

"I had no idea you could make custom rugs out of lush carpets until @feltexcarpets reached out to collaborate with me to create one! It looks so perfect in this space and the quality is absolutely insane" Margaux Follis - @thefrenchfolk

Margaux’s Living Room, featuring Opulent Weave in 10 Silk.

Contemplating the addition of a premium wool rug to your home but uncertain about where to place it? The authentic versatility of wool rugs simplifies the process of designing your dream space. Whether it becomes the focal point in your living room, an inviting touch in your bedroom, or a statement piece in your home office, these rugs effortlessly adapt to any space, infusing it with warmth and style.

Surrounded by the stunning array of 8 colours in Opulent Weave, Margaux found herself torn between choices. The decision became clear as soon as the complimentary samples of her 3 favourites arrived! She made the stylish choice to embrace the understated beauty of a neutral colour for her rug.

Margaux’s Living Room, featuring Opulent Weave in 10 Silk.

To experience the premium quality firsthand, order your own set of 3 free samples. Simply explore the products you love and effortlessly add them to your cart. Making your choice has never been this easy!

To bring the luxury of a Feltex Wool rug into your home, visit your nearest retailer for availability and cost. Elevate your space with timeless elegance and unparalleled craftsmanship that define our premium rugs. Your dream rug is just a step away!

Product: Opulent Weave in 10 Silk.

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Authored date: 24/11/2023