Interior Trends - New Eclectic

A mix of old and new, rustic and luxe, bold and subdued - the freewheeling style of New Eclectic allows for individual design inspiration.

New Eclectic

For the sweet spot between contrast and cohesion, a New Eclectic aesthetic encourages a mix of design periods and profiles for a uniquely personal interior. A bold interior style trend, it nevertheless requires an adherence to fundamental design principles.

Master the art of balance and contrast by keeping proportions and lines consistent, building on a foundation of must-have pieces and adding in artwork, décor, lighting and furniture until the space gels.

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Layer prints and textiles, combining florals, stripes and checks. Echo motifs of architectural shapes and let family heirlooms take pride of place. Unexpected elements, the surprise pairing of retro furniture with modern counterparts, high shine and matte, timber with metal or plush velour and sisal, all work to prove that opposites really do attract.

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Design Base

Inspired by the work of ancient stonemasons, Barleystone in Linen Weave, introduces elements of depth, luxury and textural interest to a design base. The soft wool multi-level loop displays an organic, linear pattern, seamlessly interweaving with a variety of décor looks. Naturally insulating and stain resistant, the beauty of Barleystone also lies in its inherent durability.

Barleystone in colour Linen Weave
Authored date: 24/08/2022