Geelong Region Alliance

Feltex is a proud member of G21^, also known as the Geelong Region Alliance. G21 is the formal alliance of government, business and community organisations that work together to improve the lives of people within the Geelong region, across the Colac Otway, Golden Plains, Greater Geelong, Queenscliff and the Surf Coast.

^Feltex is a brand of Godfrey Hirst PTY LTD, which is a member of G21.

Better Together

Our membership is founded from our pillars of business aligning with those at G21, having a priority for sustainability, First Nations conversation, culture and economic development, health and wellbeing, and planning and transport in all that we do here at Feltex. We think it is a great initiative to be available right here in our region, as G21 supports the delivery of projects that benefit the region wholly. 

The G21 alliance works as a forum in the region for hundreds of members made up of businesses, councils, community organisations and government agencies that come together to discuss the challenges and opportunities that the G21 region will face in the future surrounding areas of environment, settlement, land use, community strength and the economy. 

About G21
Authored date: 12/09/2023