Take 3 for the Sea beach clean-up 2023!

On the 17th of March 2023 Feltex held our largest Take 3 for the Sea beach clean-up event to date! This now being our third beach clean-up event in as many years, as well as continuing to be an official supporter of Take 3 for the Sea, we are proud to get behind such an important organisation. 

In only one hour, our 31-person strong team along with Take 3 for the Sea representatives collected 1,657 litter items weighing 7kg altogether. Working to remove this litter from our environment helps to protect our animals, ecosystems, and oceans.

‘On Friday afternoon, the team removed an incredible 1,657 pieces of rubbish from Eastern Beach in Geelong. Eastern Beach is a popular waterfront area with high traffic, especially on a beautiful sunny afternoon, like we had! The team were in good spirits as they set out to clean up the beach, and showed great dedication to the task, collecting waste from areas that clearly hadn't been cleaned in a while. They also did a great job of accurately recording their findings, providing detailed data collection sheets to help identify waste sources. The most abundant item found was cigarette butts, with one group finding a whopping 186 butts and a total of 562 were removed from the beach. Amazing work!’ - Abbey Jacob, Take 3 for the Sea Educator

Continued support of Take 3 for the Sea

Feltex makes an annual donation to Take 3 for the Sea. Contributing to their clean-ups and education programs for schools and local communities has so far helped over 350,000 students learn about solutions to ocean pollution. We are proud to continue to support Take 3 for the Sea as we strive to preserve our oceans and waterways.

Take 3 from the Sea shows us how we can take simple actions to address the problem – like taking three pieces of rubbish when you leave a waterway. Our team has walked away from this annual day knowing every one of us can make a difference.

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Authored date: 17/04/2023