Interior Trends - Nostalgic Revival

A modern revival of homey design elements from the not-so-distant past, Nostalgic Revival evokes comfort and tradition.

Nostalgic Revival

Reclaiming its style from more innocent times, Nostalgic Revival plays on a 70’s and 80’s vibe, celebrating the era’s defined architectural shapes and designs to co-exist with modern-day design. With as much cosy charm as a crocheted throw, this trend can be based simply around a few key sculptural elements.

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Allow neutral primary furnishings to act as a foil, for show-stopping items; pouffes, moulded accent chairs and circular furniture design, enjoying another moment in the sun.

Breathe new life into a vintage trend, with salvaged or inherited décor, plush velvets and animal prints. Pair it back with macramé, a plethora of pink, and the resurgent popularity of archways seamlessly converge to deliver Grandmillenial whimsy and flair.

Decorating pieces include themes from Greek mythology. Vintage mirrors with ornate gilded frames, plus textiles of lush rich fabrics, velvet, silk and cotton deliver a layered neo-classic interior, rich with personality.

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Design Base

Salisbury in Druid Stone, brings handcrafted appeal to a Nostalgic Revival inspired interior. A soft, chunky wool multi-level loop, Salisbury is naturally insulating, stain and fire resistant, plus it’s capable of reducing odours in the busiest of households.

Salisbury in colour Druid Stone
Authored date: 25/08/2022