Interior Trends - New Minimalism

Practicing the less is more mantra, New Minimalism celebrates the bare-bones beauty of quiet restraint.

New Minimalism

Not to be confused with austere and spartan severity, New Minimalism looks to simplicity and refinement, with comfort and functionality at its core. A trend that never goes out of style, today's minimalism hinges on lack of excess, with clean lines, selective decor and a concise colour palette.

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Curate a minimalist aesthetic around existing architectural details, with pared back silhouettes and considered pieces that stand the test of time. Avoiding short-lived and disposable trends, every inclusion has a place and purpose, a lack of clutter drawing the eye to significant artworks and statement furniture. A variety of layered tonal textiles and complementary hues, create soothing visual play, while off-setting the subtle design narrative. Unexpected elements of faux furs, hides and hand-crafted pieces add warmth and depth.

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Stonefields in Pebblestone is the ultimate flooring choice for a minimalist design. Made from beautifully renewable wool, this multi-level loop carpet, in a range of rich neutrals, offers warmth, textural appeal and extraordinary durability.

Stonefields in colour Pebblestone
Authored date: 24/08/2022