Wool And Its Benefits

Made from natural fibres, wool carpets are insulating, hypoallergenic, stain resistant and biodegradable.

Natural Stain Resistance and Easy Maintenance

Wool carpet is a very practical option in terms of cleaning and maintenance. It is naturally resistant to dirt and household stains.


Wool carpet is ideal for allergy and asthma suffers as it does not promote the growth of bacteria, mould and mildew.  This reduces the likelihood of spores, mycotoxins and volatile organic compounds from developing in the home, helping to prevent allergies and respiratory problems. Wool fibre also deters the growth of dust mites – the most common cause of asthma.

Natural Insulation and Humidity Control

Wool is a natural hygroscopic insulator. This means your wool carpet can absorb up to 30% - 40% of moisture without becoming wet to touch. This reduces the dampness in the air, making your home a drier and healthier place to live. In cold, damp conditions (high relative humidity) moisture is absorbed by wool and heat is given off. 

In warm dry conditions, moisture is released by wool, resulting in a cooling effect. How well your carpet insulates largely depends on how much air it can trap. Because of wool’s natural inbuilt crimp, air is retained in millions of tiny pockets which provide an insulating effect, thus creating a comfortable environment for you and your family.

Authored date: 22/08/2022