Our New Zealand Wool Carpet Story

Exquisite interiors begin with the perfect flooring and for unrivalled comfort, you cannot go past the look and feel of Feltex wool carpet.
Proudly designed and made in Auckland, with wool sourced from New Zealand farms, our carpet is where the best of Aotearoa comes together to make a truly beautiful and luxurious product.

Follow Fraser through New Zealand...

Caring and Shearing

Working tirelessly to care for the environment and their livestock, New Zealand sheep farmers nurture the land for this generation and generations to come.

Grading and Sorting

A skilled sheep roustabout (or rousey for short) looks after the fleece after it has been shorn from the sheep, picking it up of the shed floor and “throwing” it across the grading table so it lies flat ready to be tidied up and then graded.

Watch the Farm to Floor Video

Cleaning and Scouring

Greasy wool, straight off the sheep’s back, needs a proper clean! Scouring involves running the greasy wool through a continuously agitating washing machine, gently washing out all contaminants and debris. The wool is then pressed into large bales for the next part of the journey.

Carding and Brushing

In Carding, the scoured wool fibres are passed through a series of metal teeth that straighten and blend them to produce a continuous web or sliver.

Spinning and Twisting

After the slivers of fibre have been formed, they are then spun together to form one strand of yarn; each strand is then spun with two, three, or four further strands to form a strong and durable yarn.


The woollen yarn is then tufted into carpet. Each tufter has a long line of needles which tuft the yarn through the backing to create loops. These loops can either be left uncut to make a loop pile carpet or cut to form a luxurious wool cut pile carpet.

Finishing the Carpet

After the carpet is tufted, it is placed on a long conveyer belt where the secondary backing is attached with a latex compound, locking the tufts in place. It then heads through a large oven to set it all in place.

*All Feltex residential wool carpet ranges sold in New Zealand are NZ made using NZ Wool, exclusive of woven carpet ranges (Artisan and Riccarton).

Authored date: 17/10/2022