Interior Trends - Shades of Nature

A well-being trend with echoes around environmental concerns, Shades of Nature seeks to connect us more closely with earthy, outdoor elements.

Shades of Nature

Shades of Nature adds a retreat-like feeling to contemporary interiors. In a trend endorsed by neuroscientists, there’s a focus on botanical shapes and forms, natural materials and biophilic design practices which serve to create simpler, more intimate spaces in a world that can often feel out of balance.

Get The Look

Create a wellness sanctuary with comfy, curved furniture to relax into, while tactile and sustainable design elements such as raw timbers, jute, rattan and linen add an artisan vibe.

Choose soft, soothing colour palettes of one hue layered in varied shades, for consistent and calming visual appeal. For the ultimate symbol of wellness, an arrangement of vibrant indoor plants will purify the air and provide daily reminders of nature’s healing beauty.

Design Base

Chelsea Row in colour The Ivy, a casually elegant. A flecked level loop, crafted from New Zealand wool, the ideal flooring for every climate. Biodegradable, renewable and hypoallergenic, natural wool has incredible stain repelling qualities and it's flame resistant. The carpet acts to dampen household noise levels, making it ideal for living spaces.