Interior Trends – Modern Bungalow

Like a gentle breeze, Modern Bungalow will breath a sense of cosy and calm to your space.

If you live in a house built after 1910 but before 1940, chances are it is a bungalow. It may be small and utilitarian, or loaded with inglenooks, stained-glass windows and wood panelling. Either way, it's a housing style that's instantly familiar to New Zealanders: well built, snug, and full of character.

Get The Look

Modern Bungalow style aims to create a relaxed and calm environment, with a real sense of cosiness. Walls, ceilings, and floor will adopt neutral colours such as grey, beige, and taupe, creating a perfect versatile base. Furnishings will use a warm color palette, starring red, yellow, and orange hues for instance.

Wall panelling add modern yet classic detail to your space. Line an entire wall or make a feature wall for your bedhead and study nook. Natural materials such as rattan can be used in furniture and accessories to make rooms welcoming and cosy.  Similarly, terrazzo or natural stone will add texture, interest and a whole lot of wow! 

Design Base

Amesbury’s sophisticated latticed pattern draws the eye, creating an illusion of space and making it an inspired choice for renovating rooms in bungalows or villas. This uniform level loop carpet is available in seven stunning earth tones and natural hues. This subdued colour palette is reminiscent of geological elements such as sandstone, granite and stone.