Colour Tips From An Expert

Colour is one of the most important factors to consider when decorating a new home or renovating it impacts the mood, feeling and personality of a room and can help enhance the appearance of a room’s size, allowing you to make the most of natural and artificial light.  

When it comes to the colour of your carpet, Judy-Lea, our in-house expert, suggests thinking of it like a fifth wall. Carpet can be a feature you build your wall and décor colour scheme around, or blend in as a complement to your existing interior.

Think About the Room Size

No matter how big or small the area, the colour of the floor will have a major impact on the feeling of space within the room. If the area is small or lacks natural light, a lighter shade of carpet will make it appear larger and brighter. Conversely, darker-hued carpets will warm a room, giving larger spaces a cosiness while adding depth and character. Stippled and heathered yarns are a way of creating variation and visual texture, adding interest and depth to a room.

“It’s important to remember that the flooring will look approximately 20% lighter when installed. So, if you think the sample is on the light side in the retail store, it will look even lighter when installed in your home.”


How Will You Use the Room?

Considering how each room is going to be used is important when selecting your carpet. In homes with energetic families, a hard-wearing carpet in a darker tone is a great option. Patterned carpets are especially effective at hiding stains and soiling. For those who like to entertain, a loop pile carpet in mid-tone works well. For a low-traffic home, you may opt for a plush pile carpet in a lighter shade. 

“The colour of the floor coverings will influence how the floor looks over time; mid-tone colours will help hide the wear and tear of everyday life, whereas very light and very dark colours will be more likely to show little marks, dust or pet dander.”

Set the Mood

The colour palette you choose will influence the feeling, light and space in each room. Room colour can affect people in many ways, influencing your mood and energy. Cool colours are considered calming and serene; they are often recommended for bedrooms. In halls, entries and small spaces, warm colours can feel expansive and welcoming.

“As with paint colours, carpet colour trends are gradually edging away from recent staples of cool greys and charcoal. Yellow tones and creams are starting to come!”