Feltex wool carpets on sale 7 May until 30 June 2022.

100% natural fibre, wool carpets are much more than just soft and cosy.

Feltex Wool Sale is now on.

For unrivalled quality, comfort and design, look no further than Feltex wool carpets. Add natural beauty into your home with carpets made from renewable New Zealand wool, each available in a range of earthy tones and organic textures.

Wool carpet will keep your home warm this winter, while wood floor will bring timeless elegance and durability.

Sale is now on till the end of June 2022. Don’t miss out!

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Made in Auckland from wool grown in New Zealand.


With a stunning 80oz of woollen pile, Grandiose classic cut pile twist  offers superior comfort whilst being hard-wearing and naturally  stain resistant. Made in Auckland from wool grown in New Zealand,  Grandiose is where the best of Aotearoa comes together to make a  truly luxurious carpet.



Colours and textures of nature have inspired this range.

Toi Toi

Crafted from our chunkiest yarn ever, Whenua features a multi-level textured loop, creating a pebbled effect that will add character to contemporary living spaces. From the subtle variation in stone pebbles at the bottom of a river, to the waving heads of Toi Toi, the colours and textures of nature have inspired this range.


8th Wonder

Inspired by the colours of New Zealand.

Fox Glacier

Whether it’s incredible glaciers or the white stone buildings of Oamaru (coincidentally where our woollen yarn is made), 8th Wonder chunky loop carpet is inspired by the colours of New Zealand. Its sophisticated, honeycomb pattern creates a distinct texture that will not show tracks, making it an inspired selection for high traffic rooms.

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