The Block NZ 2016: Winners Announced

The Block NZ 2016 | Winners

Who won The Block NZ 2016? 

Sam and Emmett - winners of The Block NZ 2016!

Sam Cable and Emmett Vallender have won The Block NZ for 2016. In last night's nail-biting auction, the pair secured victory for The Boys in the Girls vs Boys season finale.

Sam and Emmett - Winners of the Block NZ 2016

Selling their Meadownbank town house for $1,610,000, earned Sam and Emmett a jaw-dropping total of $480,000, the largest profit in the history of The Block NZ. Including $100,000 in prize money.

With the boys claiming few wins in the room reveals they are elated with their win, describing the 10 week renovating experience as the 'most enriching of their lives'

Emma and Courtney took second place selling their town house for $1,510,000.

Dyls and Dylz won People's Choice Award

Dyls and Dylz: People's Choice winners

The two Dyls/z, Dylan Cossey and Dylan Guitink came in third and picked up the People's Choice Award winning them a Honda HRV Sport X. Their property went under the hammer for $1,341,000.

Judges favourites, Wanaka duo Niki Osbourne and Tiffany Mair finished in fourth place, selling their home for $1,320,000. That means they each walk away with $75,000 for 10 weeks of work.

Host Mark Richardson confirmed that The Block NZ will return in 2017 for a sixth season and casting is open! Until then, stay tuned for our Block NZ favourites, our walkthrough the finished townhouses and things we learned from The Block NZ.

Credit: All images sourced from TV3 and Media Works.