Bedroom Styling with Feltex Carpets

Feltex Bedroom Styling

Your bedroom is a haven from the everyday, a sanctuary where the only style that matters is your own.

Whether you’re a leap out of bed or roll over and groan kind of morning person, launching into the day by stepping onto a Feltex carpet is the perfect way to start your day.

Feltex Carpets ensure a soft and comforting beginning with our comprehensive range of quality carpets.  From the perennially popular premium wool, cushiony soft and durable wool bamboo fibre blend, Feltex has the colour, look and feel for every bedroom.

When it comes to bedroom styling don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through.

Romance is back

Feeling a little decadent? Creating a glamorous boudoir means lavish layering of textures, objects, patterns and tones. Think Versailles and throw in some satin, fur and velvet, or create a lighter French Country style with contrasting linens, silks, gauzy voiles and floral patterns. Add a sumptuously textured neutral carpet such as Mountain Chalet in Glacial and let the seduction begin!

Layer lavish textures, objects, patterns and tones to create a glamorous boudoir

Let the seduction begin with Mountain Chalet in Glacial

Opposites attract

Play around with dramatic contrasts. Dark colours don’t work in small spaces? Wrong! Many modern bedrooms lack architectural character and can benefit from the optical oomph of a deep hued wall colour. Balance the look up with a light coloured carpet such as Cable Bay in colour Nikau and some white furnishings to avoid that ‘boxed in’ feel. Or mix it up with a dark feature wall, a warmth absorbing dark carpet like Calluna in colour Mystery, clean white walls and tonal furnishings.

Play around with dramatic contrasts for maximum effect

Calluna in colour Mystery is a dramatic contrast for clean white furnishings

Creating a happy place

Life is too short to be boring. Incorporating some quirky contrasts creates a fun vibe and happy space. Let your imagination run wild with pops of colour, layered throws, oversized pom poms and clashing patterns in complementary tones. A cloud soft carpet such as Mountain Chalet in a pale grey tone creates the perfect flooring foil.

Let some creative and quirky contrasts into your room - think colour, patterns and layers

Mountain Chalet in Glacial is the perfect base for your happy place

For the love of nature

We all know that spending time in nature reduces stress levels, so why not bring nature indoors? Indoor plants not only look beautiful, showcasing the green vitality of the natural world, but they possess amazing relaxing and purifying benefits which can result in a better sleep. Filling your bedroom with a houseplant or two helps to create a calming environment for our busy lives. Build from the ground up with a warm earthy tone such as Ruby Bay in Paradiso.

Create a relaxing environment by introducing houseplants into your bedroom

Bring warm earthy tones to your bedroom

The Light Stuff

Tired of cluttered bedside tables? Free up some space with pendant lighting. A style statement that combines function with form, bedside pendants can be as minimalist, sculptural, ornate, vintage or colourful as you please. Combine contrast finishes such as copper and pale timber with cool Nordic colours and clean neutral beige carpeting - like Adams II in Pale Beige - for an instant style lift.

Pendant lights are a style statement that combines function with form

Select a neutral beige for Nordic styling

Remember, there are no rules. Your bedroom is a haven from the every day, a sanctuary where the only style that matters is your own.

Start with a quality foundation; a beautiful, durable and plush Feltex carpet in a classic shade, and you’re free to mix up or change things around whenever the mood strikes.