Carpet Fibres Explained Feltex Carpets

The carpet fibre you choose determines the appearance, texture and longevity of your carpet. When selecting the best carpet fibre for you, it’s important to consider your lifestyle, where the carpet is laid, who will be using it, foot traffic and budget.

New Zealand Wool

Made from natural fibres, wool carpet is renewable, warm, luxurious and durable.

  • The unique fibre structure makes it strong, hard-wearing and naturally stain resistant.
  • Wool carpets absorb noise, are naturally flame resistant and the insulation properties keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • Wool fibres are 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable.
  • The luxurious finish makes it ideal for living areas, bedrooms and family homes.
  • It is at the pricier end of the carpet spectrum but is exceptionally high in quality.

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Wool Blend

As the name suggests, wool blend carpets are a mix of wool and synthetic fibre.

  • Wool blend carpets are most often a mix of 80% wool and 20% synthetic fibre but are available in varying proportions.
  • Wool blends give the benefit of synthetic and wool carpet - the durability of synthetic fibres and the natural, luxurious feel of wool.
  • Mixing synthetic fibre with wool helps to hold the twist definition in some carpet styles, improving the wearing ability and reducing shedding from short fibres.
  • An affordable alternative for family homes and for medium to high traffic areas.

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Triexta is a fibre made with 37% renewably sourced polymer, derived from corn sugar.

  • Triexta is a high end carpet fibre that is both durable and luxuriously soft.
  • It has a built-in natural stain resistance and can be cleaned with just cold water.
  • Its resistance to fading makes it perfect for protecting it from natural sunlight indoors.
  • The durability and softness make it kid and pet friendly and a popular choice for busy living areas.

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Polyester carpet is a man-made material that is affordable with a traditional velvety quality.

  • Polyester is a more affordable synthetic fibre.
  • Built in colourfastness make it fade and stain resistant.
  • Well suited to low traffic areas such as a study, guest room or a child’s room.

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Solution Dyed Nylon (SDN)

SDN is a synthetic, man-made fibre that is tough and durable.

  • SDN carpets are affordable and have added stain resistance
  • As dyes work exceptionally well with nylon there is a huge range of colour choice.
  • It is a versatile fibre that is available in many carpet styles.
  • Its resilience makes it ideal for high traffic areas such as family rooms, living areas, stairs and hallways while retaining its plushness.
  • Also perfectly suited to families with children and pets.

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Polypropylene is an inexpensive man-made synthetic fibre

  • Very affordable carpet.
  • Resistance to moisture, mildew and water damage make it a perfect match for rental properties, play rooms and outdoor areas.
  • Ideal for rental properties or play rooms.

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