Feltex Woven Carpets

Feltex produce some of the most beautiful woven carpets in the world. All Feltex Woven products are made from a rich blend of premium wools. Combining traditional weaving skills with state of the art technology, the Feltex Woven range of carpets will add a luxurious statement to your home interiors.

Take a look at some of our Woven Carpet designs.

  • What is Woven Carpet?

    Weaving carpet is a traditional method of making carpet that dates back to the 1700s.

    Constructed on a loom, Axminster and Wilton woven carpets are made by interweaving the individual tufts with the carpet backing.

    It is this process that gives woven carpet its strong construction and protects its appearance. Multiple coloured yarns are used in the woven construction process, allowing distinctive patterns to be created with pinpoint precision.

  • Traditional to Contemporary

    From contemporary designs that bring a room to life to traditional patterns that instil old world charm, Feltex offers an extensive selection of woven carpets for your home.

    Consider contrasting geometric shapes and linear patterns or organic patterns with a textured surface.

  • Long-lasting and durable

    Woven carpet is favoured by architects and designers for its striking appearance, performance and value.

    It is particularly effective in high traffic areas, performs well with wear and tear and maintains its appearance for a long time.

  • Easy to clean and maintain

    As one of the most practical flooring choices, the construction of woven carpet will not only help it to maintain its appearance for years to come, the strong colour and bold designs conceal spots, spills and stains.

  • Woven Carpet Trends

    Woven Carpet gives you an opportunity to make the floor the feature. Trends in woven carpets include strong colour and bold patterns with dramatic carpet colours such as rich reds, dark browns, greys and, even some orange, purple and green.

    Woven carpets are a classic feature in home interiors and, just like fireplaces and stone bench tops, they have a timeless appeal that will never go out of style.

    View some of our Woven Carpet designs here.

  • fastTRACK™ - Custom designed Woven Carpets

    You can fastTRACK™ a quality custom Axminster woven carpet from your imagination to your floor in just 8 weeks*.

    Feltex have streamlined the design process to make it simple and stress-free to design a quality Axminster woven carpet for your home and fastTRACK™ it.

    The new Feltex Woven fastTRACK™ program uses a selection of 12 colours to create custom woven carpets for orders over 20 lineal metres, with quick turn-around times.

    Take a look at our range of Feltex Woven carpet styles.

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