Feltex Green Carpets

At Feltex we believe in responsible manufacturing and environmental sustainability which is why we are proud to introduce this innovative carpet made from natural corn sugar. feltexgreen™ is a revolutionary carpet collection that embodies the relationship between technology and the environment. This means an eco friendly carpet choice for your home and family, doesn't mean compromising on quality, colour, softness, style or durability.

Not only is the feltexgreen™ collection the latest product in Feltex Carpets' commitment to reducing its impact on the environment, it has many benefits for the busy family:

  • feltexgreen™ is Easy to Clean

    Food and beverage spills on your feltexgreen™ carpet can be cleaned with cold water. Thanks to the stain resistant properties, maintaining your carpet is easy.
    Enhanced stain soil protection, pet protection combined with regular maintenance will keep your carpet looking new for longer.

    Fibres used in feltexgreen™ are incredibly resilient meaning they can meet the demands of busy daily life.

  • Feltex put the 'green' in feltexgreen™

    Backing used on feltexgreen™ is Flexiback® made from 80% recycled content.

    Any unused corn in the manufacture of Sorona® is used a agricultural feedstock.

  • Durability and Softness

    feltexgreen™ means you no longer have to choose between a durability and softness.

    feltexgreen™ carpet has superior soil protection, stain protection and pet protection all backed by a genuine New Zealand warranty.

    UltraSoft fibres give feltexgreen™ carpets a unique level of softness that you have to feel to believe.

    Colourfast fibres help protect your carpet from fading in natural light making if the perfect carpet for well lit areas.

  • Carpet Colour

    Colour is one of the first things people consider when selecting new carpet flooring. The feltexgreen™ collection offers a unique range of carpet colours designed especially for New Zealand home interiors.

    Light, natural carpet colours no longer have to be avoided in busy family homes with feltexgreen™ cleans with water and has soil protection, stain protection and pet protection.

    Make the most of natural light, Colourfast fibres in feltexgreen™ help protect your carpet against fading.

  • Pet Friendly

    Superior stain resistance in feltexgreen™ protects it against the stains caused by our beloved pets.

    feltexgreen™ carpet carries a New Zealand warranty supported with after sales service. Carpet represents a substantial investment in your home, feltexgreen™ carpet is an investment in quality, your family and the environment too.

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