5 Reasons to FastTrack® your Axminster Woven Carpet

Woven Carpet Axminster fastTrack

You can FastTrack® a quality customised Axminster Woven Carpet to your floor in half the time! Just 8 weeks*. Here's 5 reasons why: 

1. FastTrack® Custom carpet designs to your floor in 8 weeks

A quality customised Axminster Woven Carpet would normally take 16 weeks to manufacture. With FastTrack® a custom designed carpet will go from your imagination to your floor in half that time, just 8 weeks*.

At Feltex we have streamlined the design process to make it simple and stress-free to design a quality Axminster woven carpet for your home and FastTrack® it.

1. Select a design from the FastTrack® design library or create your own using 12 standard FastTrack® colours.
2. A PDF of your design is provided for your approval.
3. A hand trial (carpet sample) of your design is created. Once approved, it goes into production and is ready within 8 weeks*.

Custom-designed Axminster Woven Carpet in only 8 weeks.

That means you can have your own quality custom-designed Axminster Woven Carpet in only 8 weeks. That's FAST!

2. Create your own custom designed woven carpet

Unleash your creativity and channel your interior designer on the wonderfully soft texture of a quality Feltex woven carpet. In the production of woven carpet each piece of pile yarn can be individually woven in place allowing even the most complex and intricate designs to be created with high definition and pin-point precision.

Our streamlined FastTrack® design process means you won't be surrounded with carpet swatches or confused by carpet terminology. Our design library will give you plenty of design inspiration or you can create your own unique design using the 12 standard FastTrack® colours.

Create a signature look to suit your home from contemporary geometric and angular patterns to more traditional floral and oriental designs.

3. Woven carpet is right on trend

Just like timber, fireplaces and stone bench tops, woven carpets have a classic and timeless appeal and are never out of style. There will always be a place for warmth, colour and comfort in home interiors. We are delighted to report that emerging trends in woven carpets suggest strong colour and bold patterns with dramatic carpet colours like rich reds, dark browns, greys, oranges and greens.

Woven carpets have a classic and timeless appeal and are never out of style.

Don't be afraid to be bold - play with colour and pattern!

4. Long-lasting and super durable

Ever wonder why you often see bold and beautiful woven carpet in casinos, hotel lobbies and hotels? It's because it can handle high traffic and is super long-lasting. Axminster refers to the weaving process that is used in the manufacturing of this carpet, a technique that originated in the 1700s. It is favoured by architects and designers for commercial interior design projects because of its striking appearance, performance and value.

Feltex Axminster carpet is 80% wool 20% nylon and produced on a loom, as opposed to tufted carpet (made using a multi-needle sewing machine). In the weaving process, the carpet pile and backing is loomed together giving it a super strong construction that protects it from wear and tear and helps it maintain its appearance for a very long time.

5. Hides spots and spills

Woven carpet would have to be one of the most practical flooring choices available. Our parents were onto something when they chose woven carpets in the living room and lounge rooms of their homes. Strong colour and bold designs rarely shows spots, spills or stains. Perfect for busy family living!

Have we inspired your creativity and desire for fast carpet delivery? FastTrack® your very own creative carpet design, talk to your local Feltex Carpet stockist.

*Estimated turnaround time is within 8 weeks from order placement. Unexpected delays may occur in longer lead time.