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A chunky wool carpet that complements today’s rustic and handcrafted decorator styling, Salisbury is available in seven classic neutrals in the ancient hues of the stone age. Soft and texturally pleasing underfoot, this high low loop pile will add contrast to a range of interior design finishes and furnishings.

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This high quality wool carpet is warm, soft and luxurious with natural durable qualities. Stonefields is available in a rich range of colours that will bring life and luxury to your home interiors. Stonefields' luxurious finish makes it ideal for living areas, bedrooms and family homes.

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Offering the best in style and resilience, Bailey delivers a carpet of truly epic performance. Meticulously crafted from renewable wool, Bailey is inherently durable, stain resistant and resilient. The luxurious cut pile twist is soft underfoot, while an ACCS Residential Extra Heavy Duty rating means it’s the ideal carpet for heavy traffic and stairs. Available in ten superb shades, Bailey will add considered design flair to any space.

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13th Beach

Invoking a sense of seaside tranquility, 13th Beach by Feltex adds a casually elegant charm to contemporary living spaces. Available in six sophisticated neutral shades, this level loop pile carpet, crafted from the very best New Zealand wool, is soft and texturally pleasing underfoot. 13th Beach is naturally insulating, hypoallergenic and stain resistant, delivering on all promises of resilience and style.

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Natural Renewable Fibre

We pride ourselves on making the most luxurious and environmentally friendly carpet on the planet. Environmentally sound, wool is shorn from sheep every 9-12 months and produced by sheep consuming a totally renewable resource - grass.

Flame Resistant & Fire Resistance

Wool carpet has natural flame resistant properties due to its ability to char when burnt and not melt like synthetic fibres. It retains heat and starves its surface of air, extinguishing flames.

Regulate Temperature & Humidity

Wool absorbs moisture in the air and controls humidity for a comfortable environment, making it cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Naturally Hypoallergenic

Wool carpets are naturally hypoallergenic making them suitable for those with allergies.