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    Feltex produce some of the most beautiful woven carpets in the world. All Feltex Woven products are made from a rich blend of premium wools. Combining traditional weaving skills with state of the art technology, the Feltex Woven range of carpets will add a luxurious statement to your home interiors.

    What is Woven Carpet?

    Weaving carpet is a traditional method of making carpet that dates back to the 1700’s. Constructed on a loom, woven carpets are made by interweaving the individual tufts with the carpet backing. It is this process that gives woven carpet its strong construction and protects its appearance. Multiple coloured yarns are used in the woven construction process, allowing distinctive patterns to be created with pinpoint precision. The construction technique allows complex designs to be created with precision and definition, a superior choice for luxury home and hospitality projects.

    The Best Of Blends

    The premium wool rich blend used to craft Feltex Woven carpets combines the resilience and durability of synthetic fibres with the noise insulating and humidity regulating properties of natural wool. Soft and luxuriant underfoot, Feltex Woven merges function with form, delivering high performance carpet that is capable of withstanding high foot traffic, while retaining its stunning good looks.

    Equally at home in residential homes and commercial installations, Feltex Woven promises a distinctive and versatile flooring product - crafting creative, everyday interior luxe has never been quicker or easier!

    Clever Customisation And Creative Flooring Concepts

    Feltex Fast Track® is an advanced program that can quickly reproduce any of the Fetlex Woven designs to meet individual colour requirements. Choose from a palette of 12 carefully curated colours for a personalised and perfectly colour-matched interior, simply and fuss-free.

    Fast Track® can also produce customised designs for larger projects looking to create something genuinely different. Create your own unique pattern for a statement carpet guaranteed to deliver real style impact.

    Minimum order quantities apply for custom designs. 20 lineal metres / 73m2 for existing designs, 60 lineal metres / 220m2 for new custom designs.

    Delivered in 8 weeks from order date. This is the anticipated supply time, however variations may occur due to seasonal delays and for larger orders.

    Talk to your Feltex Woven retailer or <p><a href="https://www.feltex.com/au/support">contact us</a></p> for further information.

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    Quality in Wool and Wool Blend Carpets

    Feltex has always been synonymous with style, design integrity and luxury. As a leading manufacturer of the finest carpet, Feltex sets the benchmark for quality in wool and wool blend carpets. When you choose a Feltex carpet you can rely on almost 100 years of manufacturing experience and expertise.

    Our expert team of designers are at the forefront of cutting-edge design, bringing the latest colour and style trends to floors all over the world. With a palette of gorgeous colours and irresistible textures, Feltex carpet is the flooring must-have.

    Designed for Australian Interiors

    At Feltex Carpets, we are designers, technical specialists and armed with a passion for interiors produce a selection of carpet designs and custom carpet options that are a canvas for your meticulous self expression.

    Feltex wool carpets come in a range of colours painstakingly developed over the years and in a variety of designs to compliment even the most complex of design plans.

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    Wool and its Benefits

    Made from natural fibres, wool carpets are insulating, hypoallergenic, stain resistant and renewable.

    • Natural renewable fibre
    • Regulates temperature and humidity
    • Flame resistant and fire-retardant
    • Naturally hypoallergenic
    • Healthier carpet™ that's Red List Free certified

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