To Carbon Neutral and Beyond

Through support of key offsetting projects, Feltex & Godfrey Hirst New Zealand carpet tufting plant and distribution facilities in Auckland are proudly carbon neutral. We offset 2,748 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year to reach this point in our sustainability journey, but our efforts continue. But our efforts continue. We’re committed to reducing our environmental impact in line with the Paris Agreement, and beyond, across all new product development at our New Zealand facilities.

Proudly Carbon Neutral

Feltex & Godfrey Hirst New Zealand have been measuring and verifying their carbon footprint for over a decade now (since 2010). The CO2 intensity per meter of carpet has continually reduced and all emissions have been offset (a total of 33,929 metric tonnes of CO2e) to achieve carbon neutrality. Over this period emissions equivalent to 561,019 trees planted and grown for 10 year have been offset. 

Reducing Our Footprint

Attributed to investing in new technology and updating processes, we have greatly reduced our environmental footprint across our local New Zealand manufacturing facilities. With new initiatives underway, we are determined to keep improving:

  • We installed 1,560  solar panels in our Wiri plant (Auckland), generating 2.2 MWh per day. This system can offset 60% of daytime electricity required by the plant.
  • All New Zealand’s sites now use electric forklifts, contributing to a 91% decrease in our overall LPG usage.
  • We decommissioned some old generation coal fired boilers and invested in upgraded electric versions that offer better efficiencies and environmental benefits.