Feltex Carpets environmentally sustainable manufacturing
Initiatives and measures undertaken to achieve our environmental aims include:

Develop, document, implement, improve and maintain an environmental management system, using a framework for the setting and reviewing of objectives and targets, which complies with, or exceeds, the requirements of AS/NZS ISO14001: 2004.

Ensuring all operations achieve compliance with environmental statutory and other requirements

Development and implementation of an environmental continuous improvement plan

Process of integration of an environmental management system into carpet manufacturing activities

Conduct of regular environmental audits to monitor progress and ensure legal compliance

Wherever possible, provision and use of products and services that have minimal adverse environmental impact

Efficient use of energy and natural resources and provision for energy and resource recovery

Minimising waste generation and maximising recycling opportunities

Ensuring the safe and appropriate disposal of all waste generated to minimise any environmental impact

Regularly reporting to key stakeholders on key performance indicators to improve environmental awareness

Increasing employee awareness, understanding and involvement in environmental issues through communication and training

Developing an open relationship with regulatory authorities and the local community with regards to environmental reporting

Feltex Carpets environmentally sustainable manufacturing

Our aim is to minimise or eliminate all adverse impacts that the activities and products of the Feltex Carpets may have on the environment, while remaining a competitive leader in the field of carpet manufacture. This includes a commitment to minimise pollution and seeking ecologically sustainable waste management systems.

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