Minimal Preparation

New floorcoverings are installed quickly, with minimal or no subfloor preparation

No Adhesives

No adhesives are required

Less Downtime

Less on-site downtime

Reduced Refit Costs

Can be installed directly over the top of existing flooring (reducing refit costs)

Moisture Barrier

A free-floating system that acts as a moisture barrier allowing for immediate installation

Fast Reconfiguration

Enables fast reconfiguration of floorcovering layouts

Easily Replaced

Damaged and old floorcoverings are easily replaced or repaired

Clean Disposal

Provides a method for clean disposal and repurposing of old floorcoverings

Ease of Removal

Easily lifted, removed, and recycled


100% recyclable

Long lasting

Tacfast® plates are guaranteed for 25 years

Feltex Carpets Tacfast Sub-floor preparation

Unique glueless installation system for hassle free installation of Feltex QuickFit™ carpet tiles

The Tacfast® system offers hassle-free installation of Feltex QuickFit™ carpet tiles over most types of subfloors. Tacfast® provides a free floating modular system of installing Feltex QuickFit™ carpet tiles without the use of wet adhesives and with little or no subfloor preparation. When the flooring is due for replacement. simply lift and remove the existing carpet tiles and apply the new tiles over the existing Tacfast® plates.

How does the Tacfast® System Work?

No special installation skills are required, with the clever system of joining panels together being very easy to master. Tacfast® can even be laid over the top of existing floor coverings. Tacfast® is a series of well-engineered interlocking polypropylene plates that easily join together via locking disks. Once the Tacfast plates are locked together, Feltex QuickFit™ carpet tiles can be laid directly over the surface.

For further details download the Tacfast® pdf fact sheet

As the exclusive supplier of Tacfast® in Australia and New Zealand, Feltex Commercial continue our commitment to providing our customers with not only a wide range of quality products but also flexible installation options.

Take advantage of Tacfast® and Feltex QuickFit™carpet tiles by contacting us now.