Wool Bamboo Fibre Blend Carpet - Introducing Jade Palace

Feltex Carpet | Wool Bamboo Carpet Blend | Jade Palace

Introducing Jade Palace - a Wool Bamboo Fibre Blend Carpet and one of our newest additions to the Feltex range.

Carpet Fit For A Palace

Feltex has taken comfort to the next level with the unrivalled softness of Wool Bamboo Fibre Blend carpet. Our latest addition to this stunning range is Jade Palace, a beautifully textured loop pile that perfectly captures the look of today with the feel of tomorrow.

This Wool Bamboo Fibre Blend carpet is durable yet soft.

Introducing Jade Palace

Why Wool and Bamboo?

Wool has long been regarded as an ideal flooring material, given its brilliant insulating and humidity regulating properties. Team it with the moisture absorbing and anti-static characteristics of bamboo fibre, and you have a technologically advanced carpet that’s the best of both worlds! This dynamic fibre blend is not only astonishingly durable but boasts a wonderful cushiony underfoot softness.

Timeless Looks For Contemporary Styling

Styling is easy with eight design friendly colours providing a neutral backdrop for contemporary decorating. The multi-level loop pile is not only texturally interesting but acts as a natural noise dampener.

The multi-level loop: Jade Palace

Jade Palace

Create your own palatial home with Jade Palace carpet. Visit your nearest Feltex retailer to appreciate the incredible Wool Bamboo Fibre Blend difference today!