Redbook green

Looking for a quality Australian made carpet that is easy to clean, family and pet friendly, soft to touch, durable and environmentally sustainable? Let us introduce you to Redbook green®...

  • Cleans with Water

    No more complicated steps or nasty chemicals to clean your carpet. Anything you spill on your Redbook green® carpet can be cleaned with just cold water.

    Redbook green® carpet has extraordinary inbuilt stain and soil resistance so you can relax when entertaining friends and family at home without the ‘how will I clean this?’ moments.

    Just cold water on a cloth and blotting at the stain will leave your Redbook green® carpet clean. That is one clever carpet!

    Redbook green® carpet also provides a Lifetime Pet Protection Warranty (conditions apply) to protect against stains from little accidents around the home.

  • From carpet to corn

    Don't you love the idea of a carpet that has come from the farm to your floor? The Redbook green® story begins in the corn field. Corn is harvested and the natural corn sugar extracted.

    Extracted corn sugar is then processed and transformed into Sorona® renewable sourced™ polymer. The Sorona® polymer is extruded to make triexta yarn, which is then twisted and heat set.

    Finally the triexta yarn is tufted into Redbook green® carpet for your home.

  • Feel the difference

    Redbook green® with Ultra Soft® technology brings a new level of comfort to the floor. Run your hands through the exceptionally soft fibres and feel the difference.

    The ultra soft feel is achieved with more individual filaments contained in each Redbook green® fibre.

    Redbook green® Ultra Soft® carpet is also ultra durable so it can withstand demanding households and retain its beautiful look and feel.

  • Hard wearing and durable

    Extremely hard wearing, crush resistant and resilient, Redbook green® carpet can withstand the most demanding households.

    All Redbook green® carpets are manufactured with triexta, a new classification of carpet fibre. Unlike most other fibre types, the unique kinked molecular structure of triexta means Redbook green® carpet will continue to bounce back into shape, even after years of foot traffic.

  • Designed for Australian conditions

    Redbook green® carpet is extremely resistant to fading and performs well in areas of direct sunlight.

    Designed for our harsh Australian climate, Redbook green® carpet uses the latest deep dyeing technology where heat-infused colour is locked into each and every fibre.

    This is backed by a Fade Resistance Warranty (conditions apply) to protect against fading and ozone damage, so you can open up your home and bring the natural sunlight indoors.


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