Feltex Classic Carpets


For quality wool carpets with gorgeous colours and irresistible textures, look no further than Feltex Classic to create the ultimate fashion statement for your home.

  • Fashion for your Floor

    The Feltex Classic range of wool carpets bring the latest in flooring fashion to your floor. Similar to top clothing designers, our team of colour and design experts regularly consult with leading interior decorating professionals around the world to ensure Feltex Classic is always in fashion.

    Just like the classic little black dress, Feltex wool carpets are fashionable, stylish and create the perfect foundation for you to accessorise and build your interior style. So, for your home to look its best and suit your lifestyle, your floor needs to be well dressed with a Feltex Classic wool carpet.

    Feltex Classic is the flooring fashion must-have.

  • Carpets Made with Quality Wool

    Similar to the world's leading fashion houses, only premium quality wool and wool rich fibres are used in Feltex Classic carpets. 

  • Natural health benefits

    Not only do Feltex Classic wool carpets provide unsurpassed luxurious softness, they are renowned for outstanding performance and natural health benefits:

    As a naturally flame resistant fibre, wool is a safe choice for carpet flooring.

    Wool’s natural ability to regulate air moisture, control humidity and absorb pollutants can help improve the air quality in your home.

    Wool has natural noise absorbing properties providing a peaceful and pleasant environment.

  • Naturally resilient 

    Our high quality standards ensure that Feltex Classic wool carpets will withstand many years of bustling and busy family life. Wool fibre is hard wearing, long lasting and retains its pile shape and height.

    As wool carpet is resistant to permanent markings and soiling it is easy to clean and will retain its appearance and durability, providing outstanding quality and value for money.

  • A natural choice for the environment

    Wool is 100% natural, biodegradable and renewable making it the 'natural choice' and an environmentally friendly flooring option. Wool's natural insular properties keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer, meaning you spend less on heating and cooling.

  • Designed to suit your lifestyle

    This practical and stylish collection has been designed to suit your lifestyle. With style, colour, texture and luxury, fashion clothing and interior design have much in common. And with the gorgeous range of colours and styles in the Feltex Classic collection, you can bring your favourite fashion trends from the runway to your floor.

    Take a look at our range of Feltex Classic carpet styles.

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