Feltex Commercial supports the BCNA

Feltex Commercial, in partnership with Godfrey Hirst Commercial, proudly supports the Breast Cancer Network of Australia.

In Australia breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among women. Australian women have a 1 in 9 risk of developing breast cancer in their lifetime. In 2013, it is estimated that 14,940 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer.

It is important to remember that most women survive breast cancer. The latest statistics (2010) show that the 5 year survival rate for women diagnosed with breast cancer is more than 89% and many women live long and healthy lives well beyond this period.

The Breast Cancer Network Australian (BCNA) works with women diagnosed with breast cancer, and their families, to ensure that they received the best possible information, treatment, care and support.

Make a difference by specifying Feltex carpet tiles for your next project.

For every Feltex Tile project registered and sold Feltex Carpets will donate 20 cents per square metre to BCNA.

Your specification and our donation helps BCNA provide free information and support to women affected by breast cancer.

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