Three Birds Renovations - Inspiring Bedroom & Office Design | House 6

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Three Birds Renovations take us into house 6: Lana's forever home.

Looking for some renovation inspiration? Sydney style mavens and home renovating queens, Three Birds Renovations, take us on a very personal journey of trend and style with their latest project.

Best friends Bonnie Hindmarsh, Erin Cayless and Lana Taylor, who created the boutique renovation company to buy, renovate and sell suburban houses, have taken on the ultimate challenge of transforming Lana’s current family home to completely re-work the layout.

Three Birds Renovation chose Stonefields in Cotsworld Stone

Lana chose Stonefields in Cotsworld Stone for her stunning top floor adult retreat.

The brief is to design her ‘forever’ house, meeting the demands of a growing family and providing a perfect work/life balance for this busy mum, wife and Marketing Director.

Lana’s decorating aesthetic is her own take on the look of Santorini without, as she says, the blue domed roof! Opting for the clean and eternally stylish, white on white theme, she is looking to punctuate the neutral with pops of Cycladic colour.

Happily for us, this eminently watchable trio are taking us on an insider’s peek of the enormous project from go to whoa. Peppering each entertaining and informative video with plenty of handy renovating tips and tricks, the Birds meld their unique talents to produce homes of beauty, function and cutting edge style trends.

A chunky loop pile in 100% wool: Lana wanted something soft yet visually interesting.

A clean and eternally stylish, white on white theme

They focus on affordable luxe, and working with well-regarded and accessible brands, continue to prove you don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune to create the look of luxury. 

Feltex Carpets were super excited (but unsurprised!) when Lana, in episode two, chose one of our lush textural favourites, Stonefields 100% pure wool carpet, for her stunning top floor adult retreat.

This episode focuses on the top level bedroom and office space

This high quality wool carpet is warm, soft and luxurious with natural durability.

Specifying a premium carpet made of natural fibre, she needed something combining underfoot softness with visual interest. She selected the pale but warm shade of Cotsworld Stone, the perfect neutral to complement and offset her judicious splashes of Aegean inspired colour. Lana loved how the chunky loop pile has the look of sisal but is velvety soft to touch.

Three episodes in and there are another two whole floors to complete.

We can’t wait to be further inspired by the Three Birds Renovations design magic and are quietly confident that, given the ACCS Extra Heavy Duty rating, Stonefields by Feltex Carpets is at good odds to pop up again.