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Three Birds Renovations tackle the kids rooms in Lana's Forever Home in the latest episode.

To re-cap, Three Birds Renovations, are a trio of talented Sydney women who buy, renovate expediently and then sell time-worn and tired suburban houses.

With a penchant for affordable luxe, the results are stunningly beautiful, practical spaces achieved using well known and predominantly Australian brands.

Three Birds Renovations tackle Lana's kids rooms in the latest episode

Lana chose the 100% wool carpet Stonefields in Costworld Stone

This latest exciting project is a deeply personal one, with Three Birds Marketing Director, Lana, working with fellow ‘Birds’, Bonnie and Erin, to transform her current three-floor family home into the perfect ‘forever’ house.

Having completed a stunning parents retreat and home office on the top floor, episode four sees the team now concentrating on the second level bedrooms for primary school aged children, Ruby and Heath. 

Lana is keen to create rooms that they can grow into as teenagers, with plenty of space and a versatile decor.

Stonefields is soft and not scratchy underfoot

Lana is keen to create rooms they can grow into as teenagers

Specifying a premium carpet that’s guaranteed to retain its good looks for the long haul, Feltex Carpets were once again the winning option. Popular Stonefields 100% wool carpet, with its large and texturally arresting loop pile, is super soft and springy underfoot without the tell-tale scratchiness of cheaper brands.

Describing the design aesthetic as ‘pretty gritty’, Stonefields chunky loop adds to the melange of textures in each room, while the choice of Cotsworld Stone complements Lana’s muted colour palette and makes a clean, neutral base for adaptable decorating. An all-important ACCS Extra Heavy Duty rating, mean this family carpet will totally withstand the daily trample of growing feet too.

The chunky loop of Stonefields adds to the layers of texture in the rooms

Cotsworld Stone adds to the muted colour palette and makes a clean, neutral base for adaptable decorating

Feltex Carpets are proud and delighted by not only how fantastic our wonderful Stonefields carpet looks in this incredibly stylish home, but how happy the Three Birds Renovations team are with their choice.

Check it out for yourself: