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The Feltex Collective | Briar Stanley

Briar Stanley is a Sydney based interior stylist and decorator. We had a chat with her about her latest renovation project: her own home.

Briar Stanley is a Sydney based interior stylist and decorator. With a background in film and TV set dressing and prop buying - Briar also edits a popular blog, Sunday Collector, which documents her work in design, interior projects and adventures in motherhood.

Briar Stanley used Feltex Stonefields carpet in her latest renovation.

Briar Stanley, interior stylist and decorator.

She recently tackled the renovation of her own home - transforming a 1960s three bedroom bungalow into a stunning home perfect for her young family.

As part of the renovation, Briar chose Feltex Classic wool carpet Stonefields in colour Greystone.

Tell us about this project...

The house was a red brick home that was built in the late 1960s. When we bought it, it was in very much an original state and was a bit of an ugly duckling in the street.

"It was a basic renovation but we maximised what we gained"

We rented it out for a couple of years while we thought about what we wanted to do it and as soon as the tenants left, we got the builder in that same afternoon and blitzed it in 8 weeks.

We were careful to keep the footprint of the home but were clever about which walls we knocked down and which we kept. It was a basic renovation but we maximised on what we gained.

Stonefields in colour Greystone.

Can you tell us why you chose wool carpet?

I chose it for our home because I like that it's a natural fibre. It has been very easy to clean and that was a nice surprise too!

I looked at a few carpets and was drawn to Stonefields. As soon as I saw the Greystone, I was sold; it was exactly the grey I was imagining.
Underfoot it's beautiful. Every guest that's come to visit has made a comment about how luxurious it feels.

"I'm a big fan of wool carpet. Underfoot it's beautiful"

I had a few spaces in the house to consider: my baby boy's room (navy blue), my room (soft grey) and my daughter's room (a soft peach).
This tone of grey worked in well with all three looks.

I love that it has longevity and will last for years to come. I'm a big fan of wool carpet - I'll keep on choosing it and I'll keep on choosing it for my clients too.


The house has been transformed into a gorgeous family home.

What's your favourite space in your home now that it's been transformed?

I love both the kitchen - which is the heart of our home - and our "end room" which is basically a transformed granny flat that we had joined to the house.
It's a quiet escape for me to work in, my daughter to watch a movie in or a guest space for visiting in-laws. It's been a nice surprising space.

Get the look with Stonefields in Greystone.

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