Redbook Carpets teams with Three Birds Renovations

Three Birds Renovation | Redbook Carpets

We are pleased to collaborate with Three Birds Renovations as they bring a beaten old family home in Baulkham Hills back to life.

Do you love a reno project? We do and love working with creative renovators and interior designers on exciting projects. Our latest collaboration with Three Birds Renovations combines both.

The Queens of reno, Erin Cayless, Bonnie Hindmarsh and Lana Taylor have created a boutique renovation company that buys, renovates and sells suburban homes.

We are excited to be collaborating with Erin, Bonnie and Lana from Three Birds Renovations.

Three Birds Renovations on site

For their fifth renovation project they have chosen to bring a beaten old family home in Baulkham Hills back to life. There is special meaning to this project too. The house was the childhood home of a friend of Bonnie's who died in an accident in his teens. She wants to restore it for him, his Mum and his brother.

For this reno we can watch all of the action and behind-the-scenes videos along with pictures, tips and advice from the Three Birds. They have teamed up with to film a series as they flip this property in just 40 days.

"It’s by far the most challenging renovation we have done."

The Renovation: Before

“It’s pretty intense. It’s exciting but a bit scary too,” says Lana Taylor of Three Birds Renovations of the eight-week renovation project.

“It’s by far the most challenging renovation we have done. The special meaning behind the house means we have so much more invested in it to turn it into something very special that is enduring.”

The Three Birds chose Redbook green Mountain Chalet in Glacial. It's a great choice for a family home as it is ultra soft, cleans easily and is pet friendly. They love a lighter palette too, so this cool shade works perfectly. We can't wait to see how it transforms the space.

“We’re going to have a beautiful selection of colours, which is quite new for us as we usually stay quite neutral. There’ll be more colour than ever before,” Lana says.

We can't wait to see it. Watch the first episode here and see the scale of this renovation!