Interior Trends - Five Home Flooring Interior Styles

2017 Interior Styles | Feltex Carpets

Five contemporary design trends - Naturalist, Desert Explorer, Faded, Raw & Refined and Daydream. 

After decades of head spinning innovation in technology and design, the pace of change has challenged, inspired, exhilarated and, for anyone trying to keep abreast of it, ultimately exhausted; creating the climate for an interior design movement based on stripping away excess and focusing on simplicity.

Smart TV’s, iPads and phones, laptops, desktops, integrated wireless sound systems, robotic vacuum cleaners and driverless cars in our remote controlled garages mean we are closer to the futuristic world of ‘The Jetsons’ than ever before!

Five contemporary design trends actively demonstrate that everything old is new again.

As a reaction to all this useful, and occasionally mind-boggling, technological wizardry, many of us are choosing to design our homes around renewable, recycled, organic and green products, as we re-evaluate our relationship with nature and become increasingly mindful of our impact on the environment.

Five contemporary design trends actively demonstrate that everything old is new again, tapping into our evolving need to slow down, take a breath and reconnect. Naturalist, Day Dream, Raw & Refined, Faded and Desert Explorer each present a version of timeless beauty; employing artisan flourishes, elemental materials and earth-bound colours.


Naturalist serves as a welcome antidote to our reliance on technology and is the perfect foil for an obsession with the digital age. Creating tranquil zones, Naturalist focuses on the raw beauty of our natural world, aiming to bring the outdoors in. Showcasing a colour palette of lush botanical greens such as Harvest Lane in Green Bud, Belle Maison in Fresh Field, or Mountain Chalet in Fragrant Pines, Feltex Carpets helps to bring the greenery of the outdoor environment into the home. For the perfect marriage of softness and durability, look no further than Oriental Charm, a cut pile twist carpet.

Inspired by nature, 'Naturalist' creates a calming environment for our busy minds.

Create a tranquil zone that brings the outdoors in



Desert Explorer is all about curating unique spaces with elements from around the world. Influenced by the traditional arts and crafts of North-Africa, India and indigenous Native American cultures, the trend offers an opportunity to create a warm environment layered with colour, bold patterns and interesting textures.

Create visual interest with the geometric Chevron patterned loop pile or the complex weave of Keshan, along with spicy pops of colour from Daybreak in Velvet Rose, Valencia in Sunkist or Hollywood Nights in Garnet.

'Desert Explorer' draws the eye, captivates the imagination and transports us to exotic places.

Desert Explorer is about layering with colour, texture and geometric patterns



Faded bases itself on a minimalist aesthetic that strips away the hubbub and clutter, delivering a pared back monochromatic interior design. Easy to style and always elegant, black, white, unbleached beiges and igneous greys provide the ideal foundation for decorating, allowing key pieces to take centre stage against a pristine backdrop. Understated luxury begins with the perfect flooring solution and adapting the Faded trend is foolproof with the sumptuous softness of Cloud Walk in Cygnet, Pearlite, Blizzard Grey, Seal and Charcoal Dust.

'Faded' is the sophisticated design staple that never goes out of style.

Embrace understated elegance starting on the floor



Raw & Refined is a concerted movement against the relentless tide of consumerism. It allows us to re-examine our relationship with the old and the new; recycling, repurposing, reupholstering and redeveloping our notions of style. A hybrid of competing textures and industrial finishes teamed with vintage pieces, the ‘Raw & Refined’ style is all about contrived contrast.

A smoothly textured carpet in urban blues or greys, such as Regal Elegance in Bohemian Blue or Clarence House in Caroline Blue is the basis for a uniquely stylish personal space.

Reuse, recycle and rediscover the craftsmanship of the past with 'Raw & Refined'.

Recycle, repurpose and redevelop with the Raw & Refined trend



Daydream represents the polar opposite of hard edged industrial design, counterbalancing our densely technical world with beauty for beauty’s sake. An artfully refined and feminine look, Daydream softens a space in pastel pink, aquatic blues, lavender and violet, with Nordic inspired blonde and white timbers, filmy fabrics and a soupçon of sparkle. Spoil yourself and treat your feet with the plush pile of Cloud Walk in stippled Aubergine or the airy whites of Pearlite and Cygnet.

Mountain Chalet, a cut pile twist in Wild Violet, presents a delicately muted design base for this charming design trend.

Employing the colours of sunsets, the sea, or Monet’s garden, ‘Daydream’ captivates and enchants.

Create a refined and feminine look that softens a space

Feltex Carpets myriad array of colours and styles beautifully bring to life each of these trends from the ground up.

Choose the look that encapsulates your personal style and select the perfect accompanying carpet at your nearest Feltex Carpets retailer.