The Design Files features Feltex Woven Carpet

Woven Carpet | The Design Files

... a time capsule in the heart of Melbourne, featuring the original Feltex woven carpet in amazing condition.

Feltex Woven Axminster carpet was featured in a recent story on one of Australia's most popular design blogs, The Design Files. This beautiful home is a time capsule in the heart of Melbourne's trendy Brunswick, structurally unchanged since the 1960s.

Much to our delight, this includes our original Feltex woven carpet in amazing condition. It reinforces just how resilient a woven Axminster carpet is, maintaining its pattern, colour and style for nearly half a century.

Woven carpet in Riccarton Floral

Some 50 years of busy and bustling family life, 50 years of spills and stains, 50 years of babies, kids, pets and teenagers have left the carpet untarnished. While the old adage of 'they don't make them like they used to' may hold true in some cases, at Feltex we are happy to report that we continue to apply the same high quality manufacturing standards today.

Our Axminster Woven carpet ‘Riccarton’ in ‘Beige Floral’ is a classic reminder of Feltex Carpets’ rich history and is a beloved staple amongst the modern designs that have since been introduced throughout the Feltex Axminster and custom woven collection.

This home is now rented by young couple, Ally Oliver-Perham and Harry Dickson, who were delighted to find such a spacious gem in the heart of Melbourne. Rather than replace or change, they embraced the 60s aesthetic and have taken to garage sales and vintage market stalls to fill the home with complementary pieces.

The 8 seater dining table and chairs, the huge antique cabinet (belonging to the original owner) and the fabulous carpet all remain close to their original state.

Just as it was 50 years ago, an investment in a Feltex carpet is an investment in quality. Choose a design you love with the peace of mind that it will last for many years to come.

Take a look at the Feltex Woven carpet range and our FastTrack custom woven carpet design service.