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Feltex Carpets | Wool Carpet | Our Story
Feltex Carpets | Wool Carpet | Our Story

1. Why choose a Feltex Wool Carpet?

The natural beauty of wool stems from the complexity of the fibre itself, evolved to protect sheep, no matter the conditions! That’s why we love to wear wool, sleep in wool, and walk on wool.

As a leading manufacturer with over 80 years of experience and expertise, Feltex sets the benchmark for quality in pure and blended wool carpet.

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Feltex Carpets | Wool Carpet | Our Story

. Premium Quality

At Feltex Carpets we take great pride in producing outstanding quality carpet. The quality of Feltex wool carpets starts with the use of the premium yarns. The emphasis of quality continues with superior craftsmanship in our tufting facilities in Australia and New Zealand, and focus of our quality inspection department. Nothing is left to chance, ensuring a superior result every time, with local, Australian based after sales support that you can rely on.

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Feltex Carpets | Wool Carpet | Our Story

. The Indoor Environment

Wool, with its inherent noise absorbing properties, ensures a peaceful environment. Sustainable, durable and biodegradable, wool is not only a flame resistant material, but it also acts as a natural insulator to help regulate the temperature of your home. Helpful for allergy sufferers, wool acts to absorb pollutants and improve the home’s air quality as well as control humidity and regulate air moisture.

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Feltex Carpets | Wool Carpet | Our Story