Carpet Ratings - ACCS Star Rating Carpets

At Feltex carpets, we use an independent star rating to help make choosing the right carpet for your home easy.

Simply look for the yellow and blue ratings label on the back of the carpet sample or check our website to see how well each carpet performed in independent wear and performance tests.

Room Foot Traffic Star Rating
Bedroom with light traffic flow Residential Light Duty 1
Living room or entertainment area with light to medium traffic flow Residential Medium Duty 2
A hallway or entertainment area with
heavy traffic flow
Residential Heavy Duty 3 or 4
Areas with extra heavy traffic flow Residential Extra Heavy Duty 5 or 6


Each carpet is rated out of 6 stars.

This Australian Carpet Classification Scheme (ACCS) star rating system is administered by the carpet industry body, the Carpet Institute of Australia. Each carpet is tested and classified according to its suitability for use in varying traffic levels from light, medium, heavy to extra heavy duty.

Carpets are also tested on the their suitability for use on stairs. As stairs are subject to high levels of concentrated foot traffic and wear, a carpet must have a minimum rating of 3 stars (residential heavy duty) to be considered suitable for use on residential stairs.

The ratings table above indicates the minimum quality of carpet required for certain areas. We recommend that you purchase the carpet with the highest rating possible within your price range to enjoy your carpet for as long as possible.

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Environmental Certification Scheme: Look for the green label

The Environmental Certification Scheme (ECS) is an extension of the ACCS certification and provides an indication of the environmental performance of the carpet. Look for the green label on the back of your carpet sample, this grading ranges from level one to four, the higher the grading the better it performed to environmental testing.

In order to obtain this certification, carpets must perform well when tested for volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions, noise reduction and thermal insulation properties. Each carpet manufacturer must also comply with Code of Practice for Environmental Management which provides performance standards for raw materials, carpet manufacturing, in-service use and final disposal.

This grading has four levels of certification, each level with a more demanding performance criteria. The best ECS rating achievable is Level 4.

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Be sure to look for the yellow and blue label rating and the green label rating. If you are unsure, ask your retailer about the ACCS certification for your carpet.

For more information on the grading system visit the Carpet Institute of Australia.