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Finding new carpet is simple with Redbook. Easily compare fibre types across a wide range of colours and styles to select the perfect carpet for your home. Browse with confidence, knowing that all Redbook carpets are made to the highest standards in Australia.

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We love all our carpets and know we shouldn’t have favourites… but with superior built-in stain resistance, easy maintenance, protection from pet mishaps, durability and softness, Redbook triexta is the top performer across the board.

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Durable and versatile, Redbook solution dyed nylon (SDN) carpet is available in a wide range of styles. This popular fibre is resilient and easy to clean, making it great for busy family homes.

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A great value all-rounder, Redbook polyester carpet provides a balance between comfort and durability. With wear, stain and fade resistance as well as softness underfoot, you can get the look you want for less with polyester.

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Redbook polypropylene carpet is a great value option for giving a room an update. This entry level carpet is anti-static and resistant to moisture and mildew.

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