Minster Carpets

Minster carpets deliver value for money with quality you can rely on. Looking good while lasting the distance, this hard-wearing selection of carpets are designed for the everyday needs of your busy family.

  • Durability

    Minster carpets are durable and many come with stain and fade resistance. So a Minster carpet will provide long lasting comfort in your home.

  • Affordability

    With the family home in mind, Minster carpets are designed to deliver an affordable and comfortable carpet with a selection of textures, colours and patterns that enhance your interior style while offering value for money for the modern family.

  • Reliability

    We know that your new carpet is a substantial investment, that's why Minster carpets are made to last. Like your other fine furnishings in your home, with proper care it will maintain its appearance for years to come.

  • Versatile

    Minster carpets are made in a range of versatile fibres including polypropylene, nylon and solution dyed nylon.

  • Texture

    With a range of carpet styles to choose from you can bring texture and interest to the floor with Minster Carpets.

  • Carpet Colours

    Carpet colour is one of the most important aspects to consider when choosing your new carpet. It impacts the ambience and can visibly alter the appearance, size and shape of a room.

    Be sure to take home a large carpet sample and view it in your home at various times of day under different light sources to get a true sense of how that carpet will appear.

    That sounds like the perfect flooring solution.


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