Feltex Carpets

The benchmark for quality in carpets that withstand many years of a busy lifestyle


Redbook Carpets

Redbook nylon, SDN, polyester and polypropylene carpet warranties and care explained.


Redbook Green Carpets

A comprehensive guide to looking after your Redbook triexta carpet (including Redbook greenĀ®).


Feltex Woven Carpets

Maintain your investment by taking the very best care of your new woven carpet..


Minster Carpets

Comprehensive warranties designed to protect your investment.


Congratulations on the purchase of your new Feltex Carpet. When you choose Feltex, you choose fashion for your floor. Just like your finest pair of shoes or your favourite dress, maintaining your carpet is important to keep it looking its very best. With regular and proper care, your Feltex carpet will continue to perform for you and your family for years to come.

An incredible amount of care and expertise goes into every Feltex carpet. Our carpets are manufactured to the highest possible standard from premium quality fibres. It's the reason Feltex Carpets have become the benchmark for quality, long lasting flooring solutions.

Depending on the Feltex carpet you buy, your carpet may carry warranties such as abrasive wear, colourfastness, anti-static and insect damage designed to protect your investment.

Download the Warranty, Care and Cleaning Guide for your new carpet.